Excellent Wire Rack Decking Features

Complex Steel’s EZ Wire Rack Decking dramatically improves the security and effectiveness of pallet rack installations, both new and old. The high-strength steel construction provides an excellent surface for varying-size loads. It’s simple to install, requires minimal maintenance, and is far more durable than wood. Learn more about our superb wire rack decking features.

Steel Wire Rack For Decking

Open Mesh Design’s Unique Features:

• Unrestricted visibility, which is especially useful for locating loads on upper and lower levels.
• Prevents dust and small debris from accumulating on shelves.
• Unrestricted heating and cooling.
• Unrestricted light, providing a brighter and safer storage area.
• Very economical.
• Allows fire equipment to function more efficiently. Insurance costs may be substantially reduced.

Why You Should Choose Our Wire Decking:

Steel Wire Decking With Boxes

The top wires run front to back to provide a smooth loading surface.

Steel Rack Loaded With Stock Boxes

The decking serves as a safety barrier to prevent mismatched pallets and loose things from falling to lower floors.

Steel Wire Decking Quality

The flared channel can be used for box and structural beams.

Steel Wire Decking Quality

It has a standard channel that provides support for step-type beams.

Steel Wire Rack

Inverted channels are available for clean areas.

Steel Wire Rack In The Warehouse

The standard waterfall aids in the stability of decks.

Steel Wire Welded Wire

It offers non-waterfall and inside waterfall decks for special applications.

Steel Wire Rack For Decking

Various sizes and gauge meshes are available for different loads.

Steel Wire Rack Partition

Its vertical dividers help organize areas with smaller items. They can be manufactured to run front to back or left to right.

Reach Out To Us

Complex Steel’s wire decking is available in standard and custom layouts and styles. Trust us to provide you with a very quick turnaround on quoting. Contact us to request an estimate.